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National Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Council (USCG)

Provides advice on commercial fishing safety, equipment, and vessel operations.

Membership List

Kristian Boehmer, Underwriter to insure commercial fishing vessels

Karen Conrad, Executive Director of North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners Association

Thomas Dameron, Commercial Fisherman, Safety Trainer

Edward Dennehy, Director Safety Training

Joseph Derie, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

Robert Dooley, Industry Rep

Glenn Hewlett, Owner Operator charter / lobster/ crab businesses

Hal Hockema, Naval Architect

Nicholas Howland, Industry Rep

Erling Jacobsen, Commercial Fisherman, Marine Surveyor

Michael Kampnich, Commercial Fishing Industry

Greg Londrie, Commercial Fishing Industry

Chad Mahoney, Representative Member

Jimmie Martin, Vessel Owner

Eric Rosvold, Commercial Fishing Industry

Timothy Vincent, Industry Rep Maritime Services

Chris Woodley, Executive Director Non-Profit representing interests of 5 fishing companies

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Created Date: February 26, 2020
Last Published Date: June 30, 2020
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