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Security & Protection

The Security category includes products or services to support DHS’s security mission. Current DHS-wide Security contract vehicles provide DHS customers access to security services, security systems, weapons, ammunition and explosives, security animals, protective apparel and equipment, and other related services. The products and services procured through these vehicles are verified and tested to meet strict DHS requirements. The quality control measures in place ensure that DHS front line officers have access to the highest standards in security products and services.

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Attachment Ext. Size Date
PDF icon 9mm Duty 124 Grain Ammunition pdf 146.73 KB 05/23/2019
PDF icon 9mm Duty Handgun pdf 144.87 KB 05/24/2019
PDF icon 9mm Readily Identifiable Training Ammunition (RITA) pdf 159.53 KB 06/20/2019
PDF icon .223 Remington Duty Ammunition pdf 155.66 KB 06/20/2019
PDF icon Ammunition - Multiple Calibers & Types pdf 165.24 KB 05/23/2019
PDF icon Body Armor (IDIQ) pdf 88.25 KB 09/07/2018
PDF icon Handheld Radiation Detectors (HRD) pdf 89.79 KB 09/07/2018
PDF icon Human Portable Tripwire (HPT) pdf 89.33 KB 09/07/2018
PDF icon Modular Firing Ranges (MFRs) pdf 147.4 KB 04/18/2019
PDF icon Personal Radiation Detectors (PRD) pdf 90.12 KB 09/07/2018
PDF icon Tactical Communications Equipment & Services II (TacCom II) pdf 193.75 KB 08/07/2019
PDF icon Uniforms pdf 90.56 KB 09/07/2018
Created Date: August 30, 2018
Last Published Date: October 7, 2020
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