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Small Vessel Security Strategy

Department of Homeland Security Small Vessel Security Strategy, April 2008 CoverThe Small Vessel Security Strategy addresses the risk that small vessels might be used to smuggle terrorists or weapon of mass destruction (WMD) into the United States or might be used as either a stand-off weapon platform or as a means of a direct attack with a waterborne improvised explosive device (WBIED). This strategy also describes the small vessel community and the environment in which it operates.

The overarching goals of the Small Vessel Security Strategy are to:

  • enhance maritime security and safety based on a coherent framework with a layered, innovative approach;
  • develop and leverage a strong partnership with the small vessel community and public and private sectors in order to enhance maritime domain awareness;
  • leverage technology to enhance the ability to detect, infer intent, and when necessary, interdict small vessels that pose a maritime security threat; and
  • enhance cooperation among international, federal, state, local, and tribal partners and the private sector (e.g., marinas, shipyards, small vessel and facility operators), and, in coordination with the Department of State and other relevant federal departments and agencies, international partners.

This strategy lays out the appropriate way forward in managing and controlling risks posed by the potential threat and possibly dire consequences of small vessel exploitation.

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