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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a crime and a form of modern-day slavery. DHS is working to end it.

  • What Can You Do? Judicial Pamphlet for Members of the Judicial System

    This pamphlet provides information for members of the judicial system, including judges and lawyers, on how to recognize the signs of human trafficking, and support victims in the courtroom.

  • What Does Human Trafficking Look Like?

    These posters show the many faces of human trafficking. Victims of human trafficking can be any age, gender, race, or immigration status; they live in cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

  • DHS Center for Countering Human Trafficking Fact Sheet

    The mission of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Center for Countering Human Trafficking (CCHT) is to advance counter human trafficking law enforcement operations, protect victims, and enhance prevention efforts by aligning DHS’ capabilities and expertise.

  • Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force Timelines Report

    This report details timelines for reviewing petitions, initiating an investigation, and assessing whether it possesses information to articular reasonable suspicion of a violation of Section 307 of the Tariff Act of 1930.

  • Fact Sheet on Criminal Authorities for Enforcing Against Forced Labor in China

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) strongly cautions that any individual or entity with a presence in the United States that is engaged in any business in China, including but not limited to procuring goods from China, must comply with U.S. laws.

  • CIS Ombudsman’s Webinar Series: How the Department of Homeland Security is Combatting Human Trafficking and Forced Labor in Imported Goods

    January 13, 2021, DHS’s Office of the CIS Ombudsman hosted a public webinar to discuss how DHS combats human trafficking and forced labor in imported goods.

  • Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking, the Importation of Goods Produced with Forced Labor, and Child Sexual Exploitation

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking, the Importation of Goods Produced with Forced Labor, and Child Sexual Exploitation articulates the Department’s long-term approach for combating these crimes and serves as a framework to prioritize resources and monitor progress. Additionally, this strategy supports the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, a Cabinet-level entity that coordinates federal efforts to combat human trafficking.

  • Fiscal Year 2017 Strategic Action Plan

    Read how Blue Campaign and the federal government are working to support victims of human trafficking.

  • Native Communities Awareness Poster Series

    These posters were created to raise awareness of human trafficking among Native communities. Informed by Native survivors of human trafficking, the series uses culturally-relevant images and messages. Organizations working to reach Native communities with information about human trafficking can display these posters in locations like schools, community centers, and offices.

  • FACES Public Awareness Poster

    Human trafficking victims are all around us. This stand-alone poster shows the widespread impact of human trafficking and that victims can be any race, age, ethnicity, or gender. Blue Campaign encourages organizations to display this poster in facilities and distribute it to their networks to raise awareness of human trafficking.