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In an effort to keep DHS.gov current, the archive contains outdated information that may not reflect current policy or programs.

DHS Strategic Industry Conversation IX: Innovation, Research and Development Showcase

Strategic Industry Conversation IX: Innovation, Research, and Development Showcase October 30, 9:30AM, Washington DC, Department of Homeland Security Technology and Innovation Network (DHS-TIN) logo, DHS Seal

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is hosting the DHS Strategic Industry Conversation (SIC) IX: Innovation, Research and Development (IRD) Showcase on Monday, October 30, 2023, at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C. from 9:30 AM - 5:45 PM. The DHS SIC IX: IRD Showcase, held under the umbrella of the DHS Technology and Innovation Network (DHS-TIN), will communicate the Department’s key IRD areas of interest, exchange ideas, and share cross-cutting trends with attendees to increase transparency and support informed IRD investments and leverage innovation to support Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) needs.

After the initial kickoff and leadership panels, the event will move into six breakout sessions centered around the six DHS mission areas and specific associated IRD challenges and needs. Presentations and discussions will feature DHS staff, including operational component representatives and applicable program managers/teams, to engage industry in specific sectors and identified mission areas with emerging and future impacts and activities. At the end of the event, DHS will present identified strategic priority research areas (SPRAs)—cross-cutting, enduring scientific efforts—which will provide a means for addressing priority needs across multiple HSE mission areas. Visit our speaker information page to read their full bios.

Registration for the SIC IX: IRD Showcase is closed. 


8:30 - 9:30 AM Registration Opens
9:30 AM Welcome Remarks and Keynote Introduction
Jaclyn Rubino, Executive Director, Strategic Programs Division, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer
9:45 AM Panel Discussion: Introducing DHS’s IRD Strategic Priorities
Under Secretary for Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov, and Deputy Under Secretary for Management Randolph “Tex” Alles
Moderator: Elizabeth Varner, former Senior Counselor, Office of the DHS Deputy Secretary and Director of the National Coast Guard Museum
10:15 - 10:25 AM Break
10:25 AM Panel Discussion: DHS Artificial Intelligence Task Force
Under Secretary for S&T Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov, and DHS Chief Information Officer and Chief AI Officer Eric Hysen
Moderator: Dewey Murdick, Executive Director, Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET)
11:00 - 11:15 AM Break
11:15 AM Concurrent Breakout Sessions

1 - Counter Terrorism and Prevent Threats

  • James Gilley, Assistant Director, National Targeting Center, Counter Network Division, CBP 
  • Dr. Richard Vojtech, Director of Research & Development, CWMD
  • Luis Marrero Gonzalez, Senior Technical Advisor, Office of Technical Development and Mission Support, USSS
  • Donald Coulter, Senior Science Advisor, Cybersecurity, S&T/TCD
  • Anthony Perry, Director, Performance Analysis, Improvement, and Procedures (PAIP), TSA 

Moderator: Jason Ackleson, IRD Senior Advisor, DHS S&T Operations and Requirements Analysis

2 - Secure and Manage Our Borders

  • Jody Hardin, Executive Director, Planning, Program, Analysis and Evaluation, CBP/OFO
  • Henry Laxdal, Deputy Executive Director, Program Management Office, CBP/USBP
  • Kyle Hobart, Acting DAD, Fugitive Operations Division, ICE 
  • Melissia Conley, Executive Director, Capability Management and Innovation, TSA
  • CAPT Etienne de la Riva, Chief, Office of Maritime Law Enforcement, USCG

Moderator: Jonathan McEntee, Director, DHS S&T Operations and Requirements Analysis

12:15 - 1:15 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions

3 - Administer the Nation’s Immigration System

  • Kimberley Vogt, Division Chief, Fraud Detection National Security Directorate, USCIS
  • Graham Dudley, Director, Admissibility and Passengers Programs, CBP
  • Marc Rosenblum, DAS, Office of Homeland Security Statistics, PLCY
  • Sean Dandridge, Acting DAD, Non-Detained Management Division, ICE
  • Kate Witt, Acting IDEA Chief, Refugee, Asylum & International Office, USCIS

Moderator: Melissa Oh, Managing Director, DHS S&T Silicon Valley Innovation Program

4 - Secure Cyberspace and Critical Infrastructure

  • Dr. Garfield Jones, Associate Chief of Strategic Technology, CISA
  • Roy Luongo, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, USSS
  • Tyrone Durham, Senior Advisor, I&A
  • Daniel Lezcano, Unit Chief, Cyber Crimes Unit, ICE HSI
  • CAPT Andy Meyers, Chief, Office of Port and Facility Compliance, USCG

Moderator: John Richardson, Requirements Branch Chief, DHS S&T Operations and Requirements Analysis

2:15 - 2:30 PM Break
2:30 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions

5 - Build a Resilient Nation and Respond to Incidents

  • Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, U.S. Fire Administrator, FEMA
  • Mark A. Adamchik, Assistant Director, National Capital Region Training Operations Directorate, FLETC
  • Dana S. Tulis, Director, Emergency Management, USCG
  • Steve Vandewalle, Firefighter Paramedic, San Diego Fire and Rescue
  • Ross Foard, Engineer, Architecture and Engineering Center of Excellence, CISA 

Moderator: Marissa Giles, S&T IRD Coordination Manager, Operations & Requirements Analysis

6 - Combat Crimes of Exploitation and Protect Victims

  • Eric Choy, Executive Director, Trade Remedy Law Enforcement, CBP
  • Rebecca Kudgus, Unit Chief, ICE
  • Jennifer Sanger, Division Chief, National Security & Public Safety, USCIS
  • Jeremy R. Gauthier, Director, Coast Guard Investigative Services, USCG
  • Doug Gilmer, Senior Law Enforcement Liaison, CCHT

Moderator: Megan Mahle, Director, DHS S&T Office of Industry Partnerships

3:30 - 3:45 PM Break
3:45 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Strategic Priority Research Areas Panel 1:  Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems; Cybersecurity; Digital Identity and Trust; and Data Integration, Analytics, Modeling and Simulation


  • Christine Lai, Cyber R&D and AI Security Lead, CISA
  • Stephen Luke, Deputy Executive Director for the Office of Homeland Security Statistics, PLCY 
  • Dr. Amy Henninger, Senior Advisor for Advanced Computing, S&T/TCD
  • Jon Boyd, Assistant Director, Office of Biometric Identity Management
  • CAPT Shannon Smith, Chief of Artificial Intelligence, USCG Intelligence

Moderator: Jason Ackleson, IRD Senior Advisor, DHS S&T Operations and Requirements Analysis

Strategic Priority Research Areas Panel 2: Advanced Sensing; Climate Change; Communications and Networking; and Biotechnology


  • Dr. Joel Rynes, Deputy Assistant Secretary, CWMD
  • Claire Thomas, Strategy Director, Office of Policy and Program Analysis, FEMA
  • Mark Wittrock, Assistant Director, Health, Food, and Agriculture Resilience Directorate, OHS
  • Dr. Laura Parker, Senior Advisor for Sensors and Detection Technologies, S&T/TCD

Moderator: Marissa Giles, IRD Coordination Manager, DHS S&T Operations and Requirements Analysis

4:45 - 5:00 PM Break
5:00 PM Network Session
5:45 PM End

About DHS -TIN

The Department of Homeland Security Technology and Innovation Network (DHS-TIN) will focus on consistent, targeted outreach and engagement related to Innovation, Research and Development (IRD) with all relevant stakeholders who support the homeland security enterprise (HSE) including industry, academia, interagency and international entities. DHS will promote resiliency among, and inform investment decisions of, DHS-TIN entities in IRD to support and sustain DHS mission critical functions and address evolving and emerging challenges to homeland security.

Last Updated: 11/01/2023
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