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About Research and Development Partnerships

The Research and Development Partnerships (RDP) Group was created in November 2010 to develop, foster and leverage innovative partnerships and serve as a primary resource in establishing and managing world class Centers of Excellence and federal laboratories. In order to encourage teaming and reduce duplication of effort, RDP offers a cadre of subject matter experts who serve as force multipliers in delivering science-based solutions to the Homeland Security Enterprise. RDP accomplishes this through:

  • Establishing strategic links that provide access to billions of dollars of research, development, and testing and evaluation activities performed by other government agencies, countries, universities, laboratories, the private sector and small businesses;
  • Sourcing the R&D community through statutory and voluntary programs and processes that are objective and effective for identifying and acquiring necessary capabilities for the Homeland Security Enterprise. These activities enable RDP to:  acquire existing business solutions; initiate industry R&D programs to develop new technologies and solutions; establish partnership agreements; evaluate government intellectual property for potential patents and licenses and create incentives to promote consequential investments to strengthen the homeland security of the United States; and
  • Fostering innovative research in universities, labs, small businesses and the private sector.


Provide the Homeland Security Enterprise access to science-based capabilities and solutions through trusted partnerships.

RDP Capabilities

RDP’s offices provide crosscutting capabilities to execute responsibilities in a collaborative way to our diverse stakeholders. Through these capabilities, RDP strives to become a more innovative, integrated and effective contributor to DHS and the Homeland Security Enterprise.

  • Technology Foraging and Operational Experimentation
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization
  • Laboratory Facilities and Products
  • Testing and evaluation services and products
  • Research and development for Radiological/Nuclear Response and Recovery
  • RDP Rapid Response
  • Partnership Coordination
  • Sponsored Research and Development


RDP builds enduring partnerships that deliver technology solutions to the Homeland Security Enterprise swiftly. It’s an urgent mission that demands close cooperation across the community and among RDP's five offices:

Last Updated: 01/12/2023
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