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Checked Baggage

Checked baggage screening system The Checked Baggage Program has three specific focus areas:

  • Advanced X-ray Systems Development – Development and testing of full up system engineering design models (EDMs) (TRL 6-7 level of maturity).
  • Advanced Algorithms and System Integration – Development/maturation of threat detection and false alarm reduction algorithms, integration into operational /prototype systems and demonstration of real time operation.
  • Supporting Component Technology Development – Development/maturation of system components and subsystems (such as X-ray Sources and Detectors) necessary to evolve laboratory and experimental prototypes into full up X-ray system designs able to meet the Advanced X-ray Systems requirements.

 Future Program Capabilities: 

  • An expanded library of explosives and explosives signatures that can be effectively detected
  • Improved automated explosives detection and false alarm performance
  • Improved imaging tools for operator alarm resolution
  • Improved system reliability, screening speed (throughput) and reduced cost of ownership compared with currently deployed explosives detection systems (EDS)

Fact Sheets

Deep Learning Technical Interchange
Checked Baggage Program Fact Sheet

News Releases

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S&T Checked Baggage Program Awards $3.5M to Improve X-Ray Detection Technology
S&T Checked Baggage Program Awards $6.8 Million for R&D Projects to Improve X-Ray Detection Technology


Checked Baggage Screening: Preventing New Threats - YouTube Live Tech Talk




Last Updated: 01/12/2023
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