S&T Engine: Identity and Access Management

S&T Engine: Identity and Access Management

The Identity and Access Management Engine (IDAM-E) will help the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) enable identity and access management solutions via stakeholder engagement, problem identification, projects, and research and development (R&D) investments.

Description and Approach

IDAM-E will bring expertise, technologies, tools, capabilities and approaches from government (U.S. & international) as well as external scientific, technical, industrial and academic sources to bear on identity, cyber and privacy problems identified by the Apex programs, IDAM-E, and DHS in general. When capabilities do not exist, build them via investments in research, prototypes, etc.

Key Activities

  • Leverage expertise and relationships that span the public and private sector to bring identity, information security and privacy capabilities to meet S&T program and HSE needs.
  • Provide test-bed infrastructure and test and evaluation expertise to prototype, evaluate and validate technologies.
  • Make R&D investments to close technology gaps in areas of importance to the HSE.

Engine Service Offerings 


  • Subject matter expertise
  • Ideation workshops
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Mapping technology to needs

Testbed Infrastructure

  • Proof of concepts
  • Technology validation

Research & Development Investments

To mature technology

To provide open standards

To provide multiple implementation choices

To encourage private sector investment priorities

Engine Competency and R&D Focus Areas

  • Authentication of people and non-person entities
  • Risk based confirmation of identity that leads to trust
  • Data and application security at rest and in transit
    • Access control at the point of need
    • User experience that incorporates security, privacy and informed consent

To learn more about IDAM Engine, contact IDAM-E@hq.dhs.gov

View the Identity and Access Management Engine Fact Sheet!

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