The Maryland Test Facility (MdTF)

The Maryland Test Facility (MdTF)

MDTF logoThe Maryland Test Facility (MdTF) provides a controlled environment for laboratory evaluation and operational scenario-based testing of various entry and biometric exit concepts of operation under simulated airport conditions. The fully re-configurable facility houses several operational airport settings, including a federal inspection service entry booth and departure areas. It is designed to contain three customizable bays of testing space – approximately 10,000 square feet.

Each bay is capable of housing entry and biometric exit concepts of operation for evaluation, as well as accommodating up to 50 volunteer test subjects concurrently. Testing is conducted in accordance with a privacy impact assessment, and demographics of the volunteer test subject pool are representative of the international traveling public. Additionally, apart from the testing space, the facility contains extensive instrumentation and observation capabilities. This allows for the capture of audio, visual, and other data required for analysis of throughput, accuracy, and usability.

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