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BIPS 10: High Performance Based Design for the Building Enclosure

The High Performance Based Design for Building Enclosure Report provides building owners, developers, and designers with a methodology to evaluate the benefits of increasing performance of key building attributes to help them plan buildings that are resilient as well as energy efficient, durable and sustainable. Limited in this first version to new construction and renovation of office building enclosure systems, the process presented in the Report is available for use in an interactive web-based tool for evaluating and establishing Owner Project Performance Requirements (OPR).

The OPR Tool allows owners to analyze a range of high performance requirements (safety, security, energy conservation, environmental sustainability, durability, continuity of operations and cost benefit) to meet their business case/model or mission. It helps owners evaluate the effects of changing goals and select the optimal enclosure performance objectives for their proposed building. The OPR Tool lets those planning new buildings set requirements, view results, understand interactions and cost and develop an analysis-based plan for the design team. The tool is available for use at


  • Chapter 1: Introduction: Page 1:1
  • Chapter 2: Project Approach: Page 2:1
  • Chapter 3: The Owner Performance Requirements (OPR) Process: Page 3:1
  • Chapter 4: The OPR Tool in the Planning and Design Process: Page 4:1
  • Chapter 5: Technical Analysis: Page 5:1
  • Chapter 6: OPR Model Algorithms and Decision-Making Methodologies: Page 6:1
  • Chapter 7: Validation and Verification of Results: Page 7:1
  • Chapter 8: Conclusions and Recommendations: Page 8:1

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BIPS 10 Publication – High Performance Based Design for the Building Enclosure (PDF, 349 pages – 17 MB)

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Last Published Date: October 17, 2014
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