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Statement from the Department of Homeland Security on Ligado

Release Date: 
April 21, 2020

“The Department of Homeland Security recommended the FCC deny the Ligado license and remains concerned that an approval creates a high degree of uncertainty for our public and private sector partners, many of whom- along with the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense and Transportation, rely on precise and uninterrupted Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) data from the Global Positioning System (GPS) to ensure the security and resilience of their infrastructure. Our critical infrastructure partners across the public and private sectors have similar dependence on PNT and GPS for the security and resilience of their operations.

If the FCC moves forward with its proposed action on Ligado, we will work with our partners to ensure procedures are in place to identify interference with GPS and rapidly implement mitigation measures while supporting the domestic deployment of 5G.

DHS will continue to work to manage risk to GPS receivers and promote the responsible use of PNT, in accordance with the President’s Executive Order

Last Published Date: January 25, 2021
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