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Congressional Budget Justification FY 2022

FY 2022 Budget Request Supporting Information. The documents are large and will take some time to download.

Note: The documents are currently under 508 remediation. 508 compliant files will be posted soon.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
PDF icon DHS Overview and Annual Performance Review pdf 2.53 MB 05/27/2021
PDF icon Office of the Secretary and Executive Management pdf 1.28 MB 05/26/2021
PDF icon Management Directorate pdf 3.53 MB 05/27/2021
PDF icon Analysis and Operations pdf 563.38 KB 05/26/2021
PDF icon Office of Inspector General pdf 449.05 KB 05/21/2021
PDF icon U.S. Customs and Border Protection pdf 6.01 MB 05/27/2021
PDF icon U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement pdf 4.04 MB 05/26/2021
PDF icon Transportation Security Administration pdf 3.42 MB 05/26/2021
PDF icon U.S. Coast Guard pdf 4.45 MB 05/28/2021
PDF icon U.S. Secret Service pdf 2.38 MB 05/27/2021
PDF icon Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency pdf 5.13 MB 05/26/2021
PDF icon Federal Emergency Management Agency pdf 4.42 MB 05/26/2021
PDF icon Science and Technology Directorate pdf 2.95 MB 05/26/2021
PDF icon United States Citizenship and Immigration Services pdf 2.02 MB 05/26/2021
PDF icon Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers pdf 995.99 KB 05/21/2021
PDF icon Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction pdf 2.46 MB 05/26/2021
PDF icon GAO-OIG Report pdf 1.74 MB 05/28/2021
Created Date: May 27, 2021
Last Published Date: June 3, 2021
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