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Records Related to the Department's Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

FOIA records related to the Department's efforts to respond to and assist in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
PDF icon CISA records regarding the recommendation that operations related to firearms or ammunition be deemed essential pdf 1.69 MB 06/03/2020
PDF icon USCG contract with Palantir Technologies related to COVID-19 response pdf 1.76 MB 06/03/2020
PDF icon CBP detainees and COVID-19 pdf 819.93 KB 07/16/2020
PDF icon CBP’s Pandemic and Emerging Infectious Disease Workforce Protection Plan pdf 12.11 MB 07/16/2020
PDF icon COVID-19 related correspondence: Feb 14 - Mar 13, 2020 pdf 66.86 MB 07/16/2020
PDF icon FEMA Contract with Henry Schein, Inc for PPE pdf 1.9 MB 07/16/2020
PDF icon Communication with Representatives of the National Shooting Sports Foundation pdf 4.5 MB 07/20/2020
PDF icon Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Contract with Mitre Corp Regarding Pandemics pdf 4.23 MB 07/20/2020
PDF icon ICE FOIA Requests Related to COVID-19 Received around March 2020 pdf 7.75 MB 07/20/2020
PDF icon TSA Throughput Data at Certain Major Airports in March 2019 and March 2020 pdf 3.1 MB 07/20/2020
PDF icon FEMA Records Related to Resource Request Procedures pdf 11.38 MB 08/05/2020
PDF icon Schengen Area Travel Restrictions pdf 13.99 MB 08/11/2020
PDF icon FEMA Officials on the White House Coronavirus Task Force pdf 283.9 KB 08/11/2020
PDF icon COVID-19 testing at Prairieland Detention Center pdf 806.71 KB 08/11/2020
PDF icon FEMA Contingency Plans for a Coronavirus Update pdf 8.39 MB 09/14/2020
PDF icon Records Related to Detainees and COVID-19 pdf 14.55 MB 09/14/2020
PDF icon TSA Records Related to COVID-19 pdf 13.17 MB 09/14/2020
PDF icon Correspondence of the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary Related to COVID-19 pdf 4.46 MB 09/14/2020
PDF icon FEMA EMPG-S Applications for MS, AL, FL, LA, and GA pdf 17.5 MB 09/14/2020
PDF icon FEMA Records Related to COVID-19 Tests in VA pdf 122.33 KB 09/14/2020
PDF icon CISA Records Related to the Designation of Essential and Non-essential Businesses pdf 2.72 MB 09/14/2020
PDF icon S&T Records Related to Disinfectants pdf 594.17 KB 09/14/2020
PDF icon Acting Secretary Wolf's Response to Senator Leahy Questions pdf 167.08 KB 09/15/2020
PDF icon Executive Summary of Mitre Study, "Analysis of the Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions Reversal Strategies" pdf 116.07 KB 09/23/2020
PDF icon Entry Denials Based on COVID-19 Policies pdf 39.09 KB 09/29/2020
PDF icon Certain Contracts for Personal Protective Equipment pdf 6.08 MB 09/29/2020
PDF icon Disaster Declaration in New York, Minnesota, and Ohio pdf 1.64 MB 10/19/2020
PDF icon CBP memos, guidance and emails pdf 96.65 MB 10/19/2020
PDF icon Pandemic modeling report discontinuation January 2017 to September 2020 pdf 725.93 KB 12/23/2020
PDF icon COVID-19 related correspondence December 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020 pdf 58.25 MB 12/07/2020
PDF icon COVID-19 related correspondence February 1 to December 30 2020 pdf 2.43 MB 01/06/2021
PDF icon DHS National Operations Center COVID-19 Placemat 2020 pdf 1.28 MB 01/06/2021
PDF icon List of employees with COVID-19 in the U.S. Border Patrol in 2020 pdf 62.72 KB 01/06/2021
PDF icon Effectiveness of closing the Mexican border in response to COVID-19 pdf 4.47 MB 01/06/2021
PDF icon FEMA Contract with Parkdale Advanced Materials pdf 2.09 MB 01/06/2021
PDF icon DHS Contract with Osang Healthcare Company pdf 8.14 MB 01/06/2021
PDF icon Border patrol agents quarantined for COVID-19 in 2020 pdf 1.53 MB 01/11/2021
PDF icon China and COVID-19 pdf 735.2 KB 01/14/2021
PDF icon DHS Leadership records with the term “Chinese virus” pdf 2.49 MB 03/04/2021
PDF icon Records Related to an Incident in an ICE Facility in Boston pdf 5.21 MB 03/01/2021
PDF icon Records Related to the Presidential Proclamation Closing Borders pdf 771.14 KB 03/10/2021
PDF icon Emails with the Michigan Governor's Office pdf 616.34 KB 03/26/2021
PDF icon CISA Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure pdf 3.6 MB 03/30/2021
PDF icon Expulsion of Juveniles from the United States pdf 336.81 KB 04/05/2021
PDF icon Communication with State Election Officials regarding the Pandemic pdf 1.38 MB 04/13/2021
PDF icon Communication between State Governors and the Acting Secretary pdf 790.6 KB 04/15/2021
PDF icon FEMA emergency and/or contingency plan for the Covid-19 pandemic pdf 3.85 MB 04/23/2021
PDF icon Screening policies or imposing enhanced entry screening at certain airports pdf 2.68 MB 04/23/2021
PDF icon Communication with CDC officials related to COVID-19 and nursing homes pdf 2.68 MB 04/23/2021
PDF icon CISA emails regarding ventilators pdf 1.65 MB 05/05/2021
PDF icon FEMA Emails with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service pdf 588.93 KB 05/21/2021
PDF icon Contracts Awarded to Thomas Scientific pdf 7.83 MB 05/24/2021
PDF icon Emails with the CDC Regarding Coronavirus Cases in the United States pdf 428.12 KB 05/24/2021
PDF icon Emails with 2019 Point-in-Time Count Results pdf 9.8 MB 06/07/2021
PDF icon Emails from Robert Redfield Part 1 pdf 89.38 KB 06/11/2021
PDF icon Emails from Robert Redfield Part 2 pdf 241.92 KB 06/11/2021
PDF icon Emails from Carla Gammon pdf 1.71 MB 06/22/2021
Created Date: June 3, 2020
Last Published Date: July 27, 2021
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