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Fiscal Year 2021 Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention Grant Applications


Below are links to copies of successful applications from fiscal year 2021. They have been redacted according to exemptions allowed in the Freedom of Information Act which protect the personal privacy of individuals involved in grant applications and for other purposes. For more information please see the DHS FOIA Site

NOTICE: DHS strives to provide equal access to information and data to people with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Not all of the documents on this page are fully Section 508 compliant. If you have problems with any of the documents on this page and need assistance, please contact the FOIA Office at 202-343-1743.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
EMW-2021-GR-APP - 00081-Upland Police Department PDF 6.60 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP -00056-Boise State University.pdf PDF 9.42 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP- 00065-Missouri State University.pdf PDF 9.60 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP -00083-Bay Area UASI PDF 14.98 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP -00087-County of Los Angeles (DA's Office).pdf PDF 18.66 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP -00102-Tuesday's Children PDF 12.36 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00007 - Michigan State Police.pdf PDF 6.55 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00016 - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office PDF 8.60 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00020_University of Texas at El Paso.pdf PDF 18.92 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00021_North Dakota Department of Emergency Services PDF 5.46 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00027-City of Houston.pdf PDF 9.86 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00029-Columbia University.pdf PDF 3.19 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00032-Middlebury College PDF 19.49 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00033-Case Western Reserve University PDF 27.09 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00045_University of Hawaii PDF 12.71 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00055- University of Colorado PDF 33.70 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00057 - Los Angeles Police Department PDF 5.32 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00063_Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency.pdf PDF 8.68 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00068 - University of Illinois - Chicago PDF 32.73 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00072-University of Nebraska Omaha PDF 19.68 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00074-DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency PDF 6.39 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00077 -Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.pdf PDF 7.92 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00092 -Arizona State University.pdf PDF 12.31 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00093 Boston Childrens_Part1 PDF 32.43 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00093 Boston Childrens_Part2 PDF 32.34 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00103_Citizens Crime Commission of New York City PDF 5.34 MB
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00114- The Green Light Project (CEP).pdf PDF 18.42 MB
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00118_Life After Hate.pdf PDF 9.72 MB
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00119 -University of Southern California PDF 6.67 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00120_Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.pdf PDF 8.36 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00121_Global Peace Foundation.pdf PDF 8.23 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00123- Howell Township Police Athletic League.pdf PDF 5.76 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-000130-One World Strong Foundation PDF 20.71 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00143- Jeffco Deangelis Foundation.pdf PDF 15.96 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00145_Music in Common PDF 7.12 MB 05/10/2022
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00139 - Mediation Center of The Coastal Empire PDF 4.23 MB 05/19/2023
EMW-2021-GR-APP-00099-Cure Violence Global PDF 10.54 MB 06/27/2023
Last Updated: 06/27/2023
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