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First Responder Capability Program Fact Sheets, Reports and Videos


ADvanced CIRCulation (ADCIRC) Storm Surge Model Fact Sheet and Video

Alerts and Warnings Using Social Media Project Fact Sheet and Video

Android Team Awareness Kit for Wildland Fire Incident Response Report

Automated Speech Recognition Technology—Hands-free Solutions for First Responders Fact Sheet


Behavior Detection Visual Search Task Analysis Project Visual Search Battery Report

Broadband Demonstration Network—Deployables Fact Sheet and Video

Burn Saver Operational Field Assessment Report

Burn Saver Thermal Sensor Fact Sheet and Video


ClearAlert: Wearable Sensing Badge for Solid Aerosol and Contact Exposure to Fentanils Fact Sheet

Combatting Human Trafficking Through Social Science Fact Sheet

Critical Incident Management Technology Assessment (CIMTA) Hosted by the National Urban Security Technology Laboratory Fact Sheet

Cycle of Warning: Alert Origination Fact Sheet

Cycle of Warning: Public Response Fact Sheet

Cycles of Warning Alerts Warnings and Notifications Report


Data Upload Mechanism for First Responders Fact Sheet

Datacasting—Broadcasting Real-Time Video and Critical Data over Existing Digital Television Spectrum Fact Sheet and Video

Detection of Presence of Life (DePLife) Prototype Operational Field Assessment Report

Detection of Presence of Life through Walls Fact Sheet

Developing Risk-based Metrics for Flood Resilience to Support Community Investment Strategies Fact Sheet

DHS S&T and Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC) Partnership Promotes Community Resilience Fact Sheet

Digital Volunteer Program Guide Facts Fact Sheet


Firefighting Glove, Improved Structure Fact Sheet and Video

First Aid for Severe Trauma (FAST) Program Page

First Responder Capability Program Fact Sheet

First Responder Technologies—Rapid Solutions for Responders' Most Urgent Needs Report

Flood Apex: Community Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Planning System (CHAMPS) Assessed to help Mitigate Disasters Fact Sheet


Gunshot Protection Systems Fact Sheet

Gunshot Detection System Operational Field Assessment Report


Imaging System for Immersive Surveillance Fact Sheet

Incident Management Information Sharing (IMIS) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Fact Sheet

Integration of Video Data to Improve Situational Awareness in Response to an Active Shooter Event Fact Sheet

Internet of Things (IoT): Low-Cost Flood Inundation Sensors Fact Sheet


JamX 17: First Responder Electronic Jamming Exercise Fact Sheet and Video

JamX 22: Counter-Jamming Event Fact Sheet


Kentucky Dam Safety Project—Reducing Unknown Risks in Critical Infrastructure Fact Sheet


Lost Person Locator Fact Sheet and Video


MaXphone—Multi-access Extension for Smartphones Fact Sheet

Mission-Adaptive, Modular Law Enforcement Helmet Design Fact Sheet

Mobile Device Attribute Validation Technology Demonstration Report

Mobility Acceleration Coalition Fact Sheet

Multifunctional Textiles for Advanced Personal Protective Equipment Fact Sheet


NATO/Next Generation Incident Command System (NICS) Pilot Project Fact Sheet

New York Area Science and Technology (NYAST) Forum Fact Sheet

News-Extracting Reader and Filter for Helping Emergency Responders Deliver Effective Results (NERFHERDER) Data Collection Report

NGFR—2018 Harris County Operational Experimentation Fact Sheet

NGFR Birmingham Shaken Fury Operational Experimentation Fact Sheet and Video

NGFR Technology Integration Handbook Fact Sheet and Video

News Extraction from Public Data Feeds for First Responders Fact Sheet

National Urban Security Technology Laboratory (NUSTL) Collaboration Space for Homeland Security Enterprise and First Responders Fact Sheet

NUSTL Constellation-Incident Management System OpEx Report


Operational Field Assessment (OFA) Management Fact Sheet


Performance Test and Evaluation at NUSTL (PTEN) Fact Sheet

Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting Fact Sheet

Precision Outdoor and Indoor Navigation and Tracking for Emergency Responders (POINTER) Program Page

Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) Fact Sheet and Video

Project Responder 6 Fact Sheet

Project Responder 6 Report

Providing Police Backup Through Science and Technology Report


QuickRoute—Mobile Emergency Routing Services for First Responder Vehicles Fact Sheet and Video

QuickRoute Operational Field Assessment Reports


Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) Response Guidance Planning for the First 100 Minutes Report and Video

Radiological/Nuclear Response and Recovery Research & Development Fact Sheet 

Real-Time Indoor Visualization System Fact Sheet

Rescue Hoist Gloves for Responder Mission Report

Resilient PNT for Critical Infrastructure Fact Sheet

Resilient Tunnel Project Fact Sheet

Responder Training and Exercise Program (RTE) Fact Sheet

Response: A Building Floor Plan Digital Mapping Tool Virtual Assessment Report

Response and Defeat Operations Support (REDOPS) Fact Sheet

Robotic Modular Stereoscopic Retrofit System Operational Field Assessment Report


Shaken Fury 2019 Fact Sheet

Smart City Internet of Things Innovation (SCITI) Labs Program Page

Smart City Internet of Things Innovation (SCITI) Labs: Autonomous Platform Fact Sheet

SMART Data Collection Report

Smoke and Particulate Resistant Structural Turnout Ensemble Fact Sheet and Video

Social Media Business Case Guide

System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER) Fact Sheet


Text-to-911 Translation Fact Sheet


Voice Intelligibility Testing Over Long Term Evolution Objective Speech Quality Estimates for Project 25/Voice over Long Term Evolution (P25/VoLTE) Interconnections Report


Wearable Alert and Monitoring System (WAMS) Fact Sheet

Wearable Smart Chemical Sensor Fact Sheet

Wearable Smart Chemical Sensor: Small, Rugged Monitor Warns First Responders of Toxic Exposure (Morphix) Fact Sheet

Wildland Firefighters Advanced Personal Protection System Fact Sheet

Wildland Firefighter Respirator Device Operational Field Assessment Report

Wildland Firefighter Respirator Fact Sheet

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fire Operational Requirements and Capability Analysis: Report of Findings

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) Fact Sheet and Videos


X-Ray Scanning Rover (XSR) Fact Sheet

Last Updated: 09/05/2023
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