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DHS S&T Announces Launch of New, Interactive Year in Review

DHS S&T Announces Launch of New, Interactive Year in Review

Release Date: 
May 11, 2016

For Immediate Release
DHS Science & Technology Press Office
Contact: John Verrico, (202) 254-2385

WASHINGTON – Today, Deputy Under Secretary for Science and Technology Dr. Robert Griffin announced the launch of a new take on the Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) annual Year in Review at the Internet of Things (IoT) World Forum in Santa Clara, California. The interactive, web-based report provides a guided tour of S&T’s successes and developments in 2015.

S&T’s Year in Review includes highlights from 37 of S&T’s projects that represent the directorate’s progression toward meeting long-term visionary goals. The review includes an introduction on programs and initiatives and further discusses how S&T meets its mission and fits into the larger mission of the department. 

 “I’m proud of what we were able to achieve in 2015, and excited to share our successes in this web-based format that allows us to reach more of our audience than we have in previous print reports,” said Griffin. “The annual Year in Review has always been about showing our broad audience—Congress, DHS components, industry, responders, the American tax payer, and our international partners—what we have accomplished to improve their security, and in many cases, with their help. Now that the review is interactive, it gives us an opportunity to engage more of our audience and truly show them our work.”

A video by Under Secretary for Science and Technology Reginald Brothers opens the review with an overview about what sets S&T apart from other research and development organizations, how the department is facing shifts in research and development funding, and where directorate is going in the future with its visionary goals.

S&T’s Year in Review breaks down the directorate’s research and development efforts and the measurable differences it has brought to the homeland security landscape with animations and graphic features as aids. From the FINDER technology that saved four lives in Nepal to the improved structure fire fighter gloves that keep firefighters safe from punctures and burns—S&T tells its story of addressing problems from the global to the community level. 

With this review, S&T shows the directorate’s commitment to effective communication, which was highlighted in the S&T Strategic Plan published in 2015. This review is one of the many vehicles through which S&T has worked to inform, educate, and even captivate its audience in new and inventive ways.


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