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S&T News Archives

The following releases were posted before January 1, 2015

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October 24, 2014 S&T Staff Recognized for Exceptional Service by DHS Secretary Johnson

August 5, 2014 DHS Selects Stevens Institute of Technology and University of Alaska Anchorage for Maritime Research Center of Excellence

July 24, 2014 DHS Extends Deadline for $20M Funding Opportunity to Support Border, Trade and Immigration Homeland Security Research and Education

July 11, 2014 DHS Announces a Funding Opportunity for Universities to Support Homeland Security Research and Workforce Development

May 1, 2014 DHS Announces Two Funding Opportunities for Universities to Support Homeland Security Research and Education

February 10, 2014 DHS S&T Releases Key Findings Related to Wireless Emergency Alerts


November 19, 2013 DHS S&T Adds New Features to FiRST APP

November 18, 2013 DHS and ARMY to Preview Training Platform to Support Local Police, Fire, and EMS Active Shooter Preparedness

November 8, 2013 DHS S&T Announces New Accreditation Organizations to Join Compliance Assessment Program

September 17, 2013 DHS Teams Up with NASA to Find Heartbeats in Rubble

September 13, 2013 Homeland Security to Demonstrate New Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies

September 4, 2013 Homeland Security to Host the 5th Annual Video Quality in Public Safety Workshop

August 14, 2013 Homeland Security Selects Northeastern University for Explosives Research Center of Excellence

February 12, 2013 DHS S&T Releases Multi-Band Radio Pilot Report and Procurement Guide


October 26, 2012 DHS Awards $5.5 Million in Scientific Leadership and Career Development Grants

October 24, 2012 DHS Science and Technology Directorate Awards 34 Contracts for Cyber Security Research and Development

October 1, 2012 DHS Provides Prototype Next-Generation Protective Clothing to Firefighters Battling California Wildfires

August 27, 2012 DHS, MBTA to Begin Series of Tests for Rapid Biological Response Sensors

August 21, 2012 DHS Transitions Newest Multi-Band Radio Technology to Emergency Response Agencies

July 19, 2012 Latest Open-Source Cybersecurity Software Approved for Government Use

June 28, 2012 Secretary Napolitano Appoints New Members to Science and Technology Advisory Committee

June 7, 2012 New Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccine Gets Licensed for Use on Cattle

May 17, 2012 DHS to Begin Year-Long Operation of Rapid Recovery Transformers

April 30, 2012 DHS Seeks Public Comment on Testing of Biological Sensors in MBTA Subway System

April 2, 2012 DHS Successfully Tests Rapid Recovery Transformers

March 29, 2012 Successful DHS Field Test of Wide-Area Airborne Surveillance System Assists U.S. Border Patrol in Arizona

March 28, 2012 DHS Releases New Safety Act Marks to Acknowledge Multiple Levels of Protections


November 22, 2011 DHS Seeks to Develop Stand-Alone, Mobile Potable Water Treatment Systems for Disaster Response

October 26, 2011 DHS to Conclude Final Multi-Band Radio Pilot

August 24, 2011 DHS S&T to Demonstrate Life-Saving Technology for Firefighters

May 24, 2011 DHS Virtual USA Plays Key Role in Supporting CUSEC States, Partners in 2011 National Level Exercise

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A National Strategy for CBRNE Standards

Washington, DC NBAF Presentation

North Carolina NBAF Presentation

Flora, Mississippi NBAF Presentation

Kansas NBAF Presentation

Texas NBAF Presentation

Connecticut NBAF Presentation

New York NBAF Presentation

Georgia NBAF Presentation

Athens, Georgia Town Hall Meeting

Creedmor, North Carolina Town Hall Meeting

Southold, New York Town Hall Meeting

FY14 Research and Development Accomplishments

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