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TIES: Securing Mobile Network Infrastructure - S&T Perspective

TIES: Securing Mobile Network Infrastructure - S&T Perspective

In July 2019, DHS S&T and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) hosted the Technology Innovation Exchanges (TIES): Securing Mobile Network Infrastructure engagement, in Boston, MA. This engagement focused on the DHS operational mission of mobile network infrastructure, specifically 5G. During the event innovators learned about the DHS mission, homeland security challenges to help identify cutting-edge technology solutions for DHS operational and end-users supporting this vital mission.

The Technology and Innovation Exchanges (TIES) are a series of nation-wide collaborative events designed to engage, develop and foster relationships while educating innovator communities about DHS’ vast mission, homeland security challenges, and specific component operational needs.

Watch the videos below and learn more about DHS S&T and our work with CISA in this mission area.

S&T Overview and Doing Business with S&T

S&T’s Industry Partnerships Director (Acting) Megan Mahle provides an overview of S&T and discusses how to do business with us.  

S&T’s Partnership with CISA and our Mobile Security R&D Program & Network Infrastructure Role

S&T’s Infrastructure Protection Portfolio Manager Vincent Sritapan discusses S&T’s partnership with CISA and our Mobile Security R&D program, including our role in network infrastructure. 

To learn more about the DHS S&T and how to do business with us please visit our Business Opportunities page.

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