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HSAM Appendices


The Department of Homeland Security Acquisition Manual (HSAM) is issued by the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). The HSAM establishes for the Department of Homeland Security uniform department-wide acquisition procedures, which implement or supplement the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation (HSAR), and other agency regulations and statutory requirements. All acquisitions within the Department follows the HSAM unless otherwise excluded by the FAR, HSAR or the HSAM.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
HSAM Appendices Table of Contents PDF 203.75 KB 07/25/2023
Appendix A Heads of the Contracting Activities PDF 117.75 KB 02/22/2021
Appendix B Reporting Requirements PDF 179.39 KB 03/19/2021
Appendix C Review and Approval Matrix PDF 279.51 KB 02/22/2021
Appendix D Congressional Notification Requirements PDF 280.49 KB 03/23/2022
Appendix E Contract Award Notice Requirements PDF 271.65 KB 07/27/2023
Appendix F Designation Memorandum for Procuring Activity Advocate for Competition Template PDF 216.71 KB 07/27/2023
Appendix G Individual or Class Checklist for Controlled Unclassified Information PDF 307.79 KB 09/26/2023
Appendix H Acquisition Planning Forecast System and Small Business Review Form Requirements Matrix PDF 125.44 KB 03/23/2022
Appendix I Approval of an Intra-Agency Assisted Acquisition Template PDF 204.22 KB 02/22/2021
Appendix J Structured Approach for Profit or Fee Objective PDF 211.34 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix K Unsolicited Proposals and Procedures PDF 222.01 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix L Determination to Award a Task Or Delivery Order Contract to a Single Source PDF 687.52 KB 06/26/2023
Appendix L Determination to Make a Single Award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) PDF 211.7 KB 05/24/2021
Appendix M Determination and Findings - Time & Materials, Labor Hour PDF 166.12 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix N Determination and Findings - Overtime Approval PDF 153.32 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix O Semi-Annual Labor Compliance Report PDF 219.75 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix P Department of Labor Sample Letter PDF 164 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix Q DHS Affirmative Procurement Plan (APP) PDF 561.07 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix R Determination and Findings - Authority to Make Progress Payments PDF 159.5 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix S Payment Approval Template PDF 303.58 KB 07/27/2023
Appendix T Checklist for Private Sector Temporary Personnel PDF 205.88 KB 02/22/2021
Appendix U Memorandum of Understanding - DCAA and DHS PDF 295.15 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix V Determination and Findings - Authority to Enter into an Interagency Acquisition Under the Economy Act PDF 216.75 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix W Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), Nomination and Appointment Correspondence PDF 283.4 KB 02/22/2021
Appendix X Partnership Agreement PDF 432.41 KB 10/25/2023
Appendix Y Determination and Findings - Authority to Award an Award Fee Contract PDF 227.57 KB 07/27/2023
Appendix Z DHS Acquisition Plan Template PDF 348.15 KB 11/24/2021
Appendix AA Template for Individual or Class D&F to the BAA PDF 250 KB 04/26/2023
Appendix AB Demand for Payment Letter Template PDF 338.77 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix AC Template for Report of Planned Construction Requirements PDF 304.96 KB 05/19/2021
Appendix AD Template for Notice of Pending Termination PDF 209.24 KB 06/27/2022
Appendix AE Template for Individual or Class D&F to the Kissell Amendment PDF 255.32 KB 03/23/2022
HSAM Appendix AF Template Memorandum Component Certification When Conducting Procurements on Behalf of the Department of Defense PDF 162.35 KB 03/23/2022
Appendix AG Template for Individual or Class Determination and Findings (D&F) for Domestic Nonavailability Exceptions to the Make PPE in America Act PDF 245.78 KB 01/24/2023
Appendix AH Template for Individual or Class Determination and Findings (D&F) for Unreasonable Cost Exceptions to the Make PPE in America Act PDF 197.62 KB 01/24/2023
Last Updated: 11/30/2023
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