POINTER FAQs for Responders

POINTER FAQs for Responders

First Responders




Have first responders been involved in POINTER development and testing?

Members of S&T’s First Responder Resource Group indicated that location and tracking is their number one technology priority. Their input has been invaluable since the inception of POINTER’s research and development, and the responders remain instrumental during ongoing operational user testing.

What is the size and weight of the POINTER receivers worn by responders?

The receivers will weigh only ounces and will be smaller and lighter than a cell phone.

How are POINTER receivers powered? 

POINTER receivers will feature a small, rechargeable lithium battery.

How accurate is POINTER’s tracking capability?

POINTER can accurately track a responder’s location to within a meter—often within centimeters—from a standoff distance of up to 70 meters.

Where will my POINTER system work?

The first POINTER technology release will be designed for use in single family homes, warehouses and buildings that are three stories or less. Future POINTER releases will accurately track first responders in high-rise buildings, outdoors and subterranean environments at a greater distance.

When will POINTER be commercially available?

A soft commercial launch is targeted for early 2022, with a full commercial rollout of first-generation POINTER expected in the later in the year. Updates will be posted here on the S&T website, as well as via industry partner Balboa Geolocation, Inc.

Is POINTER expensive?

From the start, POINTER was developed to be a low-cost technology solution that can be easily used by response agencies of all sizes and locations—from major metropolitan areas to rural volunteer departments.

Are there additional use cases for POINTER beyond the fire service?

Yes, there are. The first release of POINTER will be dedicated for fire service use, but future generations of the technology will be adapted for the specific needs of additional response disciplines.

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