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Apex Screening at Speed Infographic

Apex Screening at Speed Infographic

Apex Screening at Speed specifically focuses on developing the technologies and framework for an Aviation Checkpoint of the Future. A checkpoint that detects smaller threats more reliably and is capable of distinguishing potential homemade explosive threats from common items carried by travelers.

Apex Screening at Speed – Program Vision: Apex Screening at Speed is pursuing transformative R&D activities that support a future vision for increasing security effectiveness from curb to gate while dramatically reducing wait times and improving the passenger experience. Passenger Screening: Walk-through Millimeter Wave, Shoe Scanner, Passenger Screening Algorithm Challenge. Carry-On Screening: Computed Tomography, Phase Contrast Imaging (X-Ray Light, Grating Diffraction), Adaptive Threat Detection Algorithms (Input Layer, Hidden Layer 1, Hidden Layer 2, Output Layer). Future Capabilities: Tunable IR Lasers, Standoff Explosives Detection. Passenger Analysis: Video Analytics, Risk-based Screening. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate. To learn more about Apex SaS, contact, or visit



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