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SVIP Demo Week | Day 1 Aviation Security & Seamless Travel

Day 1 kicked off with opening remarks from SOPDUSST Kathryn Coulter Mitchell and a keynote address from Deputy Secretary John Tien. Eight SVIP startups demonstrated their technologies, followed by an Innovation in Aviation panel discussion. See recordings from Day 1 below.

SVIP Demo Week Melissa Oh Managing Director SVIP Managing Director Science and Technology Welcome to SVIP Demo Week.The S&T Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) Managing Director,  Melissa Oh kicks-off the inaugural SVIP Demo Week.





Image of SOPPDUST Kathryn Mitchell Coulter. Day 1 Opening reparks of Senior Official performing the Duties of the Undersecretary for Science and Technology Opening Remarks. Kathryn Coulter Mitchell, the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Undersecretary for Science and Technology, provides opening remarks on Day 1 of the inaugural SVIP Demo Week.




Image of Deputy Secretary John Tien. Keynote Day 1 Deputy Secretary John Tien Day 1 Keynote. DHS Deputy Secretary John Tien provides the keynote address for the inaugural SVIP Demo Week. 





Silicon Valley Innovation Program Overview Melissa Oh, SVIP Managing Director Science & Technology SVIP Overview. SVIP Managing Director, Melissa Oh provides an overview of SVIP, the program phases, eligibility requirements, and how to engage with SVIP at the inaugural SVIP Demo Week. 





Silicon Valley Innovation Program SVIP overview Melissa Oh, Managing Director Aviation Security & Seamless Travel. SVIP Managing Director, Melissa Oh introduces the topic for Day 1 of SVIP Demo Week: Aviation Security & Seamless Travel.





iProov: Providing Secure Seamless Travel Andrew Bud CBE FREng Founder and CEO iProov iProov has been working with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to develop technology facilitating the self-service completion of checks by travelers when crossing land borders. Convenience and high performance must be delivered with the highest levels of security, integrated with CBP apps and systems. 




Enhancing CBP Port of Entry Visitor Processing Kiana Analytics Sept. 2021 Kiana Analytics provides a video interview application that connects to CBP's biometric analysis. Adding Wi-Fi and video sensor data provides both remote interview capabilities and monitoring through a video interface from on-site cameras at the arrival port. This mobile application enables viewing and locating visitors when they arrive, requests visitors to interview with CBP, and manages entry points remotely.



Flow Optimizer in the field and on the day A partnership between CrowdVision, a Skyfi company, and Copenhagen Optimization CrowdVision is an expert in computer-vision-enabled measurement and analysis of human activity in airports and other crowded locations, and Copenhagen Optimization specializes in analyzing and planning airport operations on strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Together, they are combining their expertise to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) operations with highly accurate, trusted data and data-optimized tools to provide decision makers in the field with live, accurate, trusted data for detailed awareness of passenger flow activity.


DeepNorth Digital transformation with computer vision and AI Deep North has been working with TSA to apply artificial intelligence- and computer-vision-based solutions to increase security effectiveness at airports while reducing wait times to improve passenger experience in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and necessary social distancing requirements.





Lauretta.io Insight Beyond Sight Detection of passenger anomalous behavior at screening station using AI running on standard CCTV cameras Lauretta AIs video analytics solution uses off-the-shelf closed-circuit TV cameras at screening stations to deter passengers from attempting to circumvent or evade airport security screening protocols and to identify passengers who may need assistance. Using privacy preserving technology, Lauretta’s system can provide personalized instructions to enable passengers to smoothly navigate a self-service screening process while limiting contact between TSA agents and passengers.



Silicon Valley Innovation Program logo. Analytical AI using AI to make the world a safer place www. analyticalai.com. Image of  David Odaibl, CTO (david@alalyticalai.com). Image of  Thomas Anthony, CIO (thomas@analyticalai.com) Analytical AI has made and continues to make significant progress toward the goal of achieving rapid and accurate classification of Stream of Commerce items in passenger carry-on bags. Currently, Analytical AI is working on implementing and testing the algorithm on an OEM emulator and aims to have this adaptive algorithm model working in field testing and airport operations soon.




Synthetik Applied Technologies. Image of  Eliza Thompson Program Manager Synthetik is extending their SynthetikAI platform to help TSA keep pace with the requirement for high-quality annotated data to train Automatic Threat Recognition models. This platform will include machine-assisted annotation, digital unpacking of existing bags, and digital repacking to generate completely new synthetic bags.




Virtualizing Security Devices and Screening Processes to Train and Evaluate Artificial Intelligence Models for Aviation Security. Cignal logo. Image of Jaclyn Fiterman CEO Cignal's work to date with DHS demonstrated the ability to generate a diverse library of high-fidelity synthetic CT, or computed tomography, baggage data. Currently, Cignal is refining their algorithms to improve detection of improvised weapons, incendiaries, and explosives and developing tools to automatically create tampered versions of synthetic objects.




Innovation in Aviation Panel; Images of Chris Runde (Moderator), Director Corporate Strategy and Innovation Ross & Baruzzini; Amir Amaldi, Managing Partner Travel and Hospitality Center of Innovation at Plug and Play Tech Center; Dan McCoy, Chief Innovation Officer, TSA; Chris McLaughlin, Executive Vice President for Operations, Dallas Fort Worth Airport Innovation in Aviation. This panel discusses their views on top technology trends in the aviation sector and also orthogonal sectors that could be leveraged to improve our travel experiences.

Last Updated: 02/12/2024
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