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SVIP Demo Week Day 4 | COVID-19 Response and Future Mitigation

Dr. Pritesh Gandhi, DHS Chief Medical Officer provided a keynote, and four Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP)  startups demonstrated their technologies, followed by a Global Perspectives on Pandemic Future Proofing panel discussion. See recordings from Day 4 below.

Image of Dr. Pritesh Gandhi; Day 4 Keynote Dr. Pritesh Gandhi DHS Chief Medical Officer; DHS SS&T logo Day 4 Keynote. Dr. Pritesh Gandhi, Department of Homeland Security Chief Medical Officer, provides Day 4 SVIP Demo Week keynote.





COVID-19 Response and Future Mitigation September 17, 2021 COVID-19 Response and Future Mitigation. SVIP Associate Director, Darryl Kramer provides an overview of SVIP Demo Week Day 4 topic: COVID-19 Response and Future Mitigation.





Monitoring Current and Future Biological Threats. Mesur.io logo; Michael Prorock CTO, Founder mprorock@mesur.io; +1.919.633.8773 Mesur.io has adapted its Earthstream Platform to provide DHS and the National Biosurveillance integration Center with quantitative data related to an outbreak or emergence of new or existing biological threats. The platform automatically identifies, extracts, and links case-related data with other relevant information, such as demographics and travel, for easy analysis and improved surveillance.




Citriodoil-based topical skin spray to combat SARS-CoV-2 transmission Bloodstone Division's project proposes a new use for an existing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved active ingredient for use as an anti-viral, or virucide. The project will first seek to develop the data needed for this new use by assessing residual virucidal efficacy, along with the effectiveness of its application on personal protective equipment and surface cleaning use and as a hand sanitizer.



FSS Ventures logo. Image of Al League, CTO; Farmspace Systems Alamo, TN Al League, CTO Farmspace Systems' COVID Finder provides a unique, innovative Point-of-Passage portal designed to (1) capture an image of viral-laden aerosolized droplets in exhaled breath; (2) use AI-enabled software to identify viruses, based on a library of virus images that can be expanded as new threats emerge; and (3) employ ultraviolet light to disinfect the portal between occupants. All three tasks are projected to take 10 seconds per person, per screening portal, providing fast, accurate, non-invasive, entry/no entry decisions rapidly enough to meet mass screening requirements at airports, ports of entry, military installations, governmental buildings, and other public, transportation, entertainment, and commercial venues.

Monitoring the Mobile Contact Tracing Ecosystem; AppCensus' Bobby Richter, Nathan Good, Serge Egelman & Joel Reardon AppCensus has a platform for analyzing the runtime behaviors of mobile apps and assessing their security and privacy risks at scale. They will adapt this platform to develop an on-demand, automated mobile app testing system to enhance the security and privacy testing of publicly available android and iOS digital contact tracing apps for the public, government and industry. In addition to the testing services, AppCensus will provide a free public microsite with results of the digital contact tracing app testing.


Global Perspectives on Pandemic Future Proofing Panel. Images of: Dr. Tod Companion (Moderator) Program Manager Coordinator, DHS S&T; Mr. Chen Yeang Tat Deputy Chief Executive HTX Singapore Government; Carol Cunningham State Medical Director Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS; Director Jinha Kim, Center for International Cooperation Policy, Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning; Professor Ian Town, Chief Science Advisor, New Zealand Ministry of Health Global Perspectives on Pandemic Future Proofing. This panel offers global perspectives of important considerations for planning for, addressing, and mitigating future pandemics or health crises, and how lessons learned from today will inform tomorrow on a global, and perhaps collaborative level.




SVIP Demo Week Closing Remarks; Melissa Oh, SVIP Managing Director Science & Technology. Find us at www.dhs.gov/science-and-technology/svip SVIP Demo Week Closing. SVIP Managing Director, Melissa Oh, closes out the first SVIP Demo Week with highlights from daily keynotes, expert panel discussions, and how to work and engage with SVIP and the Science and Technology Directorate.



Last Updated: 02/12/2024
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