Aircraft Vulnerability and Mitigation

Aircraft Vulnerability and Mitigation

To determine the  explosives that screening technologies need to detect, whether on passengers, in checked bags or air cargo, picture of a plane with explodingit is essential to first determine the effects that different explosive threats can cause to a variety of commercial aircraft. 

To provide the Transportation Security Administration with this key information, S&T's Commercial Aircraft Vulnerability and Mitigation Program conducts analysis and live-fire tests on commercial aircraft to determine the potential for catastrophic structural failure while in flight.

The program, supported by subject matter experts from S&T's Transportation Security Laboratory, also identifies and evaluates countermeasures that can be used to mitigate the potential blast-effects of an explosive device onboard commercial aircraft. Testing has been conducted on a wide variety of countermeasures including blast resistant containers for transporting cargo and baggage and development of procedures that could counter a threat found in the passenger cabin while in flight.

Fact Sheets

Commercial Aircraft Vulnerability and Mitigation Program Fact Sheets


New Simulator Tool Tests Aircraft Explosive Vulnerabilities


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