Deconstructing SBIR Webinar Series

Deconstructing SBIR Webinar Series

Small businesses can make a significant impact on our nation’s homeland security when it comes to developing innovative technology solutions. The DHS Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program is an excellent pathway for small businesses to access government funding and support specific homeland security needs.

In the Deconstructing SBIR webinar series, DHS’s SBIR team breaks down particulars of the program and highlights opportunities for small businesses to work with S&T.

Deconstructing SBIR Webinars

Insights Outreach | Getting Onboard with SBIR

Insights Outreach - Navigating DHS S&T Opportunities | An Industry Partnerhips Webinar Series - Program Exporation - Getting Onbaord with SBIR; DHS Science and Technology sealAs part of the S&T Insights Outreach webinar series, the DHS SBIR Director shared insights about how small businesses can participate in the program and how technologies developed through SBIR can support DHS component technology needs. Check back soon to view the webinar recording and access the presentation brief. Insights Outreach is a monthly webinar series about navigating S&T partnership opportunities for the innovation community, including small businesses and startups, interested in doing business with S&T. Join Industry Partnerships to learn about S&T partnership opportunities, DHS mission needs, and alternative paths to funding to help get the best homeland security solutions to market faster. 


Deconstructing SBIR | Fraud, Waste, and Abuse | DHS Science & Technology SealDeconstructing SBIR: Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Did you know that not all Fraud, Waste, and Abuse is intentional? But the consequences can be serious. During this webinar, the DHS SBIR Director talks with the DHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG), who explains their role and how they provide independent oversight and promote excellence, integrity, and accountability within DHS and with our partnerships. View the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse webinar!


Deconstructing SBIR: Planning for PrivacyDeconstructing SBIR Planning for Privacy

The DHS SBIR Program partners with S&T’s Privacy Office to build privacy considerations and protections into S&T business processes and mission outcomes. During this webinar, viewers will learn how the DHS SBIR Program Office works with DHS S&T’s Privacy Office to meet statutory requirements and how to prepare an SBIR proposal with privacy compliance in mind.

Innovate S&T Deconstructing SBIR: Making the Most of Your One-on-OnesDeconstructing SBIR Making the Most of Your One-on-Ones

One-on-one meetings provide an opportunity for the small business community to discuss their capabilities and learn more about the SBIR Program. In this video, DHS SBIR Program Director Dusty Lang and Brittany Sickler from the Small Business Administration provide insight into making the most of SBIR one-on-one opportunities. Find out what to expect at a typical one-on-one and how best to prepare.

SBIR One-on-Ones: Dos and Don'ts
Deconstructing SBIR One-on-One Dos and Don'ts

In this webinar, the DHS SBIR Program demonstrates the Dos and Don’ts of participating in an SBIR one-on-one meeting. Short clips simulate meeting scenarios and are followed up with information on best approach techniques.



Deconstructing SBIR: 21.1 Pre-SolicitationDeconstructing SBIR 21.1 Pre-Solicitation

The DHS SBIR Program Director and the NAVSEA PEO USC SBIR/STTR Technology Manager discuss important information for their respective programs’ 21.1 solicitations.



Deconstructing SBIR: 20.1 SolicitationDeconstructing SBIR 20.1 Solicitation

The DHS SBIR team provides insight on the 20.1 Solicitation, including important information on the proposal submission process and other requirements.



Deconstructing SBIR: Innovate S&T – SBIR Proposal Submission ProcessDeconstructing SBIR Innovate S&T Small Business Innovation Research Program

The SBIR Program utilizes the ingenuity of small businesses to tackle the toughest challenges to homeland security. In this video, the DHS SBIR team breaks down the proposal submission process, including the importance of the pre-solicitation period and how small businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to understand topics and engage with technical managers on the SBIR topics.

Deconstructing SBIR: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) ProgramDeconstructing SBIR Tech Talk

The DHS SBIR Program encourages U.S. small businesses with fewer than 500 employees to provide quality research and develop new processes, products and technologies to support security challenges across DHS. This video provides an overview of the program and how DHS technology needs become SBIR topics.

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