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Current LRBAA Topics

The 28 LRBAA topics are categorized under six R&D priority needs areas:

Check out the two new & four updated enduring topics! The two new topics are noted in bold and italicized font.


  • SEC AVN 04-11: Novel Approaches and Locations for Explosive Performance and Testing (new)
  • SEC AVN 05-02: Screening at Speed
  • SEC AVN 06-06: Development of Tools for Test and Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms


  • SEC BORD 01-01: Noninvasive, Minimally Disruptive Sensors and Systems
  • SEC BORD 03-05: Air Based Technologies (updated)
  • SEC BORD 03-06: Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • SEC BORD 03-07: Maritime Domain Awareness Technologies 
  • SEC BORD 03-08: Emerging Technologies 
  • SEC BORD 06-02: Immigration Services Program (updated)


  • SEC CYB 03-08: Predictive Analytics
  • SEC CYB 03-09: Countering Identity Threats
  • SEC CYB 03-10: Shared Cyber Resilience
  • SEC CYB 04-02: Mobile Security & Resiliency R&D
  • SEC CYB 06-02: Software and Hardware Supply Chain Assurance


  • PREV 01-02: Detection Canine Technologies
  • PREV 03-01: Trustworthy and Responsible Artificial Intelligence
  • PREV 04-03: Threat Prevention


  • PROT 02-02: Advanced and Emerging Data Computation and Analytics (updated)
  • PROT 03-04: Research, Testing and Evaluation of Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Defense Prototype Countermeasure Tools to Increase Resiliency Against High Consequence Domestic Terrestrial Animal Disease Events 
  • PROT 03-05: Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation of Food and Agriculture Defense Tools and Technologies for Countering Threats to Plant or Crop Diseases and Pests


  • MGMT 01-02: Technology Acceptance
  • MGMT 02-08: GMD and Nuclear EMP Critical Infrastructure Risk (updated)
  • MGMT 05-02: Public safety tools for lithium-ion battery incidents (new)
  • MGMT 08-04: Using Internet of Things (IoT) for Community and Infrastructure Resiliency Against All-Hazards
  • MGMT 08-05: Integrating risk sciences and adaptive engineering for community and infrastructure resilience
  • MGMT 08-06: Maritime Environment and Climate and Coastal, Port, and Waterway Security
  • MGMT 08-07: Laboratory Research to Characterize Agricultural Threat Agents 
  • MGMT 09-01: Forensics and Criminal Investigations





Last Updated: 03/28/2024
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