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Privacy Documents for Department-wide Programs

The following are privacy documents for department-wide programs.

DHS/ALL/PIA-002 DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (TRIP)

DHS/ALL/PIA-003 DHScovery


DHS/ALL/PIA-005 Automated Continuing Evaluation System (ACES) Pilot

DHS/ALL/PIA-006 DHS General Contacts List

DHS/ALL/PIA-007 Enterprise Correspondence Tracking (ECT) System

DHS/ALL/PIA-009 DHS Web Time and Attendance (Web T&A) System

DHS/ALL/PIA-011 DHS State, Local, and Regional Fusion Center Initiative

DHS/ALL/PIA-012 E-Mail Secure Gateway


DHS/ALL/PIA-014 Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Management System

DHS/ALL/PIA-015 DHS Web Portals

DHS/ALL/PIA-017 DHS Complaint Tracking System (CTS)

DHS/ALL/PIA-018 National Dialogue for the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR)

DHS/ALL/PIA-019 DHS Our Border Network

DHS/ALL/PIA-020 Financial Disclosure Management (FDM)

DHS/ALL/PIA-021 H1N1 Medical Care for DHS Employees

DHS/ALL/PIA-022 Stakeholder Engagement Initiative: Customer Relationship Management

DHS/ALL/PIA-024 Digital Mail Pilot Program

DHS/ALL/PIA-025 Accessibility Compliance Management System (ACMS)

DHS/ALL/PIA-026 iComplaints Complaint Enterprise System

DHS/ALL/PIA-027 DHS Watchlist Service

DHS/ALL/PIA-028 DHS FOIA and Privacy Act Records Program Update

DHS/ALL/PIA-029 Entellitrak

DHS/ALL/PIA-030 Eversity

DHS/ALL/PIA-031 Use of Social Networking Interactions and Applications Communications/Outreach/Public Dialogue

DHS/ALL/PIA-032 DHS Information Sharing Environment Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative Update

DHS/ALL/PIA-033 Google Analytics

DHS/ALL/PIA-034 Medical Credentials Management System

DHS/ALL/PIA-036 Use of Unidirectional Social Media Applications

DHS/ALL/PIA-038 Integrated Security Management System (ISMS)

DHS/ALL/PIA-039 Physical Access Control System (PACS)

DHS/ALL/PIA-040 Electronic Patient Care Reporting System

DHS/ALL/PIA-041 One DHS Overstay Vetting Pilot

DHS/ALL/PIA-042 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

DHS/ALL/PIA-043 DHS Hiring and On-Boarding Process

DHS/ALL/PIA-044 DHS Single Point of Service Request for Information Management Tool

DHS-ALL-PIA-045 Loaned Executive Program

DHS/ALL/PIA-046 DHS Data Framework

DHS/ALL/PIA-046-1 Neptune

DHS/ALL/PIA-046-2 Common Entity Index Prototype

DHS/ALL/PIA-046-3 Cerberus

DHS/ALL/PIA-047 Workers’ Compensation Program – Medical Case Management Services (WC-MCMS)

DHS-ALL-PIA-048 Foreign Access Management System (FAMS)

DHS-ALL-049 Performance and Learning Management System (PALMS)

DHS-ALL-PIA-050 DHS Trusted Identity Exchange

DHS-ALL-PIA-051 DHS Data Framework – Interim Process to Address an Emergent Threat

DHS/ALL/PIA-052 DHS Insider Threat Program

DHS/ALL/PIA-053 DHS Financial Management Systems

DHS/ALL/PIA-054 Identity Intelligence Biometrics (I2B) Pilot

DHS/ALL/PIA-055 DHS Data Analysis Tools

DHS/ALL/PIA-056 DHS and Component Network IT Security Operations and Privacy and IT Security Incident Response

DHS/ALL/PIA-057 Countering Violent Extremism Grant Program

DHS/ALL/PIA-058 Access Lifecycle Management

DHS/ALL/PIA-059 Employee Collaboration Tools

DHS/ALL/PIA-060 Application Authentication System

DHS/ALL/PIA-061 HSIN 3.0 Shared Spaces On The Sensitive But Unclassified Network

DHS/ALL/PIA-061-1 HSIN Release 3 User Accounts: HSIN Enterprise Reporting Solution

DHS/ALL/PIA-061-2 Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) Database

DHS/ALL/PIA-061-3 Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU)

DHS/ALL/PIA-062 Homeland Security Information Network Leveraging Military Training Portal

DHS/ALL/PIA-063 Drug-Free Workplace Program

DHS/ALL/PIA-064 Preventing and Combating Serious Crime (PCSC) Agreements - Greece and Italy

DHS/ALL/PIA-065 Electronic Contract Filing System (ECFS)

DHS/ALL/PIA-066 DHS Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

DHS/ALL/PIA-067 Continuous Evaluation (CE) Travel Record Data Service (TRDS)

DHS/ALL/PIA-068 Insider Threat Reporting Mobile Platform

DHS/ALL/PIA-069 DHS Surveys, Interviews, and Focus Groups

DHS/ALL/PIA-070 DHS Suspension and Debarment Case Management System (SDCMS)

DHS/ALL/PIA-071 Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) Statistical Data Production and Reporting

DHS/ALL/PIA-072 National Vetting Center (NVC)

DHS/ALL/PIA-073 Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) Tools for Litigation Use

DHS/ALL/PIA-074 Chief Human Capital Officer DHS Volunteer Force



Last Published Date: July 12, 2019

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