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Countering Violent Extremism Grant Applications (Awarded) - 2016


The Department of Homeland Security's Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) grant program (DHS-16-OCO-132-00-01) awarded grant applications, obtained by DHS/HQ from The Office of Terrorism Prevention Partnerships (OTPP) and released by DHS/HQ as part of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Library.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00066 PDF 4.65 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00081 PDF 3.35 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00087 PDF 14.78 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00102 PDF 1.92 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00104 PDF 863.08 KB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00112 PDF 8.19 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00119 PDF 901.43 KB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00158 PDF 11.17 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00169 PDF 603.41 KB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00178 PDF 688.37 KB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00184 PDF 998.36 KB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00188 PDF 10.74 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00212 PDF 3.26 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00236 PDF 4.35 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00246 PDF 1.47 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00253 PDF 2.41 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00254 PDF 1.10 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00264 PDF 12.10 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00276 PDF 1.21 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00291 PDF 2.85 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00294 PDF 12.59 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00302 PDF 856.43 KB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00336 PDF 2.82 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00381 PDF 3.25 MB
EMW-2016-CA-APP-00401 PDF 1.75 MB
Last Updated: 09/12/2022
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