Handheld Language Translators

Handheld Language Translators

Handheld language translators take text or speech input into a device in one language, translate it, and then output speech in a second language. These devices can assist responders communicating with non-English speaking individuals.

The Focus Group Report, Market Survey Report, and Assessment Report on Handheld Language Translators are limited distribution documents, and are available in the SAVER Community on First Responders Communities of Practice (FRCoP).

Find this project in the FEMA Authorized Equipment List and InterAgency Board Interactive Standardized Equipment List.


AEL Category, Title, Number, and Project:

AEL Category: 04. Information Technology

AEL Title: Computing Device, Handheld

AEL Number: 04HW-01-HHCD

SAVER Project: Handheld Language Translators

Last Published Date: Monday, November 4, 2013
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