Non-Sparking Tool Kits

Non-Sparking Tool Kits

Non-sparking tool kits are intended for use in areas where a high risk of fire or explosion exists; these tools also have a non-magnetic property that makes them ideal for use on equipment with strong magnetic fields. These kits are used by responders in any environment where there is a potential for sparks, ignitions, fire, or explosions.

The Focus Group Report, Market Survey Report, and Assessment Report on Non-Sparkling Tool Kits are limited distribution documents, and are available in the SAVER Community on First Responder Communities of Practice (FRCoP).

Find this project in the FEMA Authorized Equipment List and InterAgency Board Interactive Standardized Equipment List.

AEL Category, Title, Number, and Project:

AEL Category: 03. CBRNE Operational and Search and Rescue Equipment

AEL Title: Kit, Tool, Miscellaneous, Non-sparking

AEL Number: 03OE-04-KTTL

SAVER Project: Non-Sparking Tool Kits

Last Published Date: Thursday, July 21, 2016
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