Portable Breathing Air Compressors

Portable Breathing Air Compressors

Portable breathing air compressors are used primarily to enable responders to refill self-contained breathing apparatus bottles onsite during an extended operation when stationary breathing air refill systems are not available.

The Focus Group Report (2006), Market Survey Report (2006), and Assessment Report on Portable Breathing Air Compressors (2007) are limited distribution documents, and are available in the SAVER Community on First Responder Communities of Practice (FRCoP).

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AEL Category, Title, Number, and Project:

AEL Category: 19. CBRNE Logistical Support Equipment

AEL Title: Compressors and Systems, Breathing Air

AEL Number: 19GN-00-COMP

SAVER Project: Portable Breathing Air Compressors

Last Published Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2015
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