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Holding Effective Meetings Tool Kit

Holding Effective Meetings Tool Kit

The Holding Effective Meetings Tool Kit consists of three items.

Holding Effective Meetings Guide

  • Provides guidance for planning, holding, and closing a meeting
  • Helps the facilitator of a meeting focus on achieving stated outcomes
  • Delivers a clear meeting objective and agenda for all participants
  • Helps to avoid inviting participants who don’t have a clear role or need to attend
  • Helps meeting organizers hold meetings where participants remain active and engaged

Holding Effective Meetings Agenda Template

  • Provides a basic framework for planning a meeting

Meeting Cost Estimator

  • Provides insight into the cost of a planned meeting
  • Encourages meeting organizers to consider the cost of a meeting and plan more effectively to make better use of government resources

This project is the result of a cross-agency process improvement team through the Partnership for Public Service’s Excellence in Government Program

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