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Video Datacasting: Chicago Pilot After Action Report

The goal of this report is to provide an After Action Report for the datacasting pilot that took place in Chicago, Illinois, on August 12-13, 2015. This pilot involved several agencies, including WTTG, the Chicago OEMC, CPD, CFD and the USCG. A scenario was developed to demonstrate the operational utility of datacasting during representative law enforcement and search and rescue operations. However, CFD and CPD commitments associated with the Chicago Air and Water Show on August 15-16 limited their participation. Thus, the operational aspects of the test were reduced, and the emphasis was placed on demonstrating technical aspects of the system. Fortunately, JHU/APL was able to add a USCG boat demonstration, which provided information on datacasting performance offshore and with a moving receiver. The JHU/APL team observed and collected user feedback during these tests. This report documents these tests, including the technical issues and user feedback.

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Created Date: July 22, 2016
Last Published Date: October 4, 2019
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