Multipurpose Reciprocating Saw Blades

Multipurpose Reciprocating Saw Blades

While many blades are designed for cutting specific materials, multipurpose cutoff saw blades are designed to be used as a single tool for cutting multiple materials. These saw blades offer responders operational flexibility without the burden or necessity of changing blades between applications.

The Focus Group Report, Market Survey Report, and Technical Report on Multipurpose Reciprocating Saw Blades are limited distribution documents, and are available in the SAVER Community on First Responder Communities of Practice (FRCoP).

Find this project in the FEMA Authorized Equipment List and InterAgency Board Interactive Standardized Equipment List.

AEL Category, Title, Number, and Project:

AEL Category: 03. CBRNE Operational and Search and Rescue Equipment

AEL Title: Tools, Power, Electric

AEL Number: 03SR-02-TPEL

SAVER Project: Multipurpose Reciprocating Saw Blades

Last Published Date: Friday, July 22, 2016
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