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Fiscal Year 2022 Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Applications

Please see Fiscal Year 2022 Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Applications of successful applicants. 

NOTICE: DHS strives to provide equal access to information and data to people with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Not all of the documents on this page are fully Section 508 compliant. If you have problems with any of the documents on this page and need assistance, please contact the FOIA Office at 202-343-1743.

Attachment Ext. Size Date
EMW-GR-APP-00007 Nu Art Education, Inc PDF 5.82 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00010 The City of Aurora.pdf PDF 8.28 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00014 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.pdf PDF 10.55 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00019 Hawaii Department of Defense.pdf PDF 7.45 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00025 Berkeley County Council PDF 11.57 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00029 Boulder Pride.pdf PDF 5.94 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00031 MUFLEHUN.pdf PDF 15.10 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00035 Charleston County Government.pdf PDF 3.18 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00041 The Childrens Hospital Corporation PDF 40.96 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00046 Michigan State University.pdf PDF 23.64 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00052 THE CARTER CENTER, INC.pdf PDF 12.45 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00053 CARTER CENTER, INC PDF 9.65 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00054 International Center for Religion and Diplomacy.pdf PDF 10.15 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00055 University of Rhode Island.pdf PDF 13.30 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00060 Music in Common PDF 5.39 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00064 Lewis University.pdf PDF 9.32 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00072 University of Hawaii.pdf PDF 17.15 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00076 International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism.pdf PDF 11.99 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00083 Lee Memorial Health System.pdf PDF 3.12 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00090 Global Peace Foundation PDF 10.41 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00095 American University.pdf PDF 11.69 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00096 Texas Department of Public Safety.pdf PDF 6.33 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00097 Parents For Peace.pdf PDF 13.41 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00098 Alcorn State University.pdf PDF 7.22 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00101 Worldwide Scholastic Esports Foundation d.b.a.pdf PDF 9.57 MB 02/07/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00070 Karuna Center for Peacebuilding Inc PDF 14.75 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00081 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.pdf PDF 12.68 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00102 United States Esports Association.pdf PDF 13.41 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00036 President and Fellows of Middlebury College.pdf PDF 8.29 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00037 Syracuse University.pdf PDF 8.14 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00081 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars PDF 3.59 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00037 Southern University and A&M College.pdf PDF 5.57 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00044 DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.pdf PDF 5.56 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00057 Fairfax County Government.pdf PDF 3.33 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00101 International Documentary Foundation.pdf PDF 5.36 MB 02/14/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00047 Arizona State University PDF 13.26 MB 02/23/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00056 Maryland Emergency Management Agency.pdf PDF 8.82 MB 02/23/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00021 University of Maryland.pdf PDF 12.75 MB 02/23/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00093 University of Dayton.pdf PDF 8.10 MB 02/23/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00007 Nu Art Education, Inc.pdf PDF 5.82 MB 02/23/2023
EMW-GR-APP-00071 Cure Violence Global PDF 10.54 MB 06/27/2023
FY 22 NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services PDF 3.20 MB 11/02/2023
Last Updated: 11/02/2023
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